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Core Buyers of Catalytic Converters : Our team of core buyer partners specialize in professional catalytic converter recycling. Visit our headquarters at Davis Recycling Incorporated. Catalytic converter core buyers is the group of independent partners who find, sort, purchase, then deliver their load of cats to DRI. We invite anyone interested in being a Core Guy, or Core Buyer, to contact us to learn our professional business policies. We want your independent business to be monetarily successful for you. In so doing, we guarantee your partnership will be fruitful and honest.
Our security is always active. We 'weed' off anyone with questionable techniques, working openly with law enforcement. Illegal converters hinder the whole market place, so if someone is 'caught' red handed, then we report it to the authorities. This keeps the industry as honest and pure as we can assist. We want you, the core buyer, to know that we trust, respect and appreciate you. We all want to benefit from a growing marketplace of core buying catalytic converter recycling.
Metal prices are constantly monitored. We want best price and we want to give you, our partners, the best price.
We may be able to come pick up your 'load' by truck. We may fly in and rent a truck, then pick up your converters. You can deliver the catalytic converters yourself. We have a full size '18 wheeler' scale. We weigh, sort, price and pay. DRI wants your credibility to be reflected in our professionalism. Contact us today if you want to join the best marketprice team of Davis Recycling Incorportated.

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